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    Bombas and Northeastern Students Bring Comfort to Homeless Feet

    This year, a group of Northeastern students, working with Bombas, partnered with Boston Rescue Mission to spread the company’s mantra, “Bee Better” and give back to the community. By spreading awareness around Northeastern campus through special events and social media, the group was able to raise and collect hundreds of pairs of socks to donate to homeless shelters around the Boston area.

    The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word, bumblebee. In order to make the hive a better place, bees work together. Revolutionarily and truly inspirational, Bombas is a company committed to the betterment of the community. After discovering that socks were the number one most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, Bombas decided that for every pair of socks purchased, they would donate one pair as well. Their socks are unlike any other, designed for comfort and athletic performance. Created from a mission to give back and make the community a better place, Bombas has donated over 950,000 socks.

    Thanks to Northeastern and Bombas for bringing comfort to lots of homeless Boston feet!

    2016 Campaign of Thanks Volunteer Appreciation Lunch

    Long-time Mission volunteers gather for a lunchtime celebration

    An interesting thing happens when a bunch of long-time volunteers gather for lunch at the Mission--everyone wants to serve each other!

    This time, Mission staff cooked a well-deserved meal for regular volunteers, some spanning 20 years or service! Attendees traded stories, heard testimony from clients, laughed, and shared priceless fellowship. Special thanks to Ralph, Nancy, Dennis, Joe, and Nicole for bringing this event together, and Tselha, Fabianne, and Mauricia for their support.

    We're so grateful to all of our volunteers, one-time and long-time, for their service to people in need. In our 2016 Campaign of Thanks, we hope to continue to communicate our appreciation to all of those who help bring transformation to our neighbors who need help.

    Wear Hope on Your Sleeve!

    The long-awaited new batch of Mission t-shirts is here!

    You asked for 'em. We got 'em. New Mission t-shirts!

    We kept the same great classic designs on the front and back for a simple, understated look. This time we added two new colors - a royal blue and an Irish green in addition to black and orange.

    Shirts are $10 apiece and available in sizes small through 2XL. Contact Mauricia at (617) 338-9000 ext. 1230. or volunteer@brm.org. Pickup only please.

    Healing via Relaxation, Expression, & Creativity

    Attendees follow a painting activity in a monthly R.E.C. event at the Mission.

    Recovery is serious business. Focused, intensive work can leave program memmbers depleted.

    When case worker Abner Maldonado wanted to bring art therapy to Mission program members, he scheduled one evening per month devoted to relaxation, expression, and creativity for the community. Dubbed R.E.C. for short, the program brings in volunteers from local churches and colleges to lead programs of cooking, music, art, dance, and more.

    Many evenings, easels come onto tables and attendees will follow a painting or drawing suggestion, be it a still life, portrait, emotion, or abstract pursuit. After a break, a full band usually appears, running a gamut of genres from classical to jazz, rock to hip hop. Poetry, spoken word and storytelling are welcome, and spiritual exploration is common. Activities can center on individuals, small groups, or the entire group, and volunteers are trained beforehand to interact with guests in a therapeutically positive manner.

    You can help to sponsor an evening of R.E.C. programming! Drop a line to info@brm.org and we'll make sure your contribution brings healing to our guests.

    Mission Staff Member Wins Veterans Administration Award

    From left to right: Jim Chaplin, VA Social Worker, Ed Cannon and Tim Smith, CADC

    Earlier this spring, our own Tim Smith joined Ed Cannon at the Veterans Administration (VA) campus in Bedford to receive the VA Friends of Social Work award. While social workers do much of the heavy lifting in the veterans care field, this award celebrates those workers on the larger team that support VA social work departments and veterans, including staff members of Safe Haven programs.

    Tim Smith, Co-Director of Programming at the Mission, has watched over veterans at Safe Haven since its inception 5 years ago. During the event, Jim highlighted Tim's calming presence in a sometimes volatile world of veteran care. He also expressed appreciation that veterans can wake up on Christmas morning to presents under the Christmas tree. Tim clarified that others actually provide the presents, including his sister!

    Congratulations to Tim and Ed on a job well done!

    2016 Campaign of Thanks Kicks Off with Church Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

    It takes a village to care for the poor, vulnerable, and needy among us.

    Ministry to the homeless is not a solitary endeavor, but a collaborative effort from people with a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Whether rich or poor, student, working, or retired, from homes or institutions, the hearts and hands of volunteers bless our residents and guests every day of the year.

    An overwhelming number of volunteers come to the Mission either inspired by the church ministry or on behalf of their churches. Since 1899, we've helped connect people of faith to those in need.

    On Thursday January 28th, the Mission hosted a breakfast event for greater Boston church members who volunteer their time and talents to homeless men and women. As part of our 2016 Campaign of Thanks, the breakfast event was a chance for church representatives to share food, fellowship, volunteer experiences, and opportunities to serve. Through this campaign, we hope to strengthen existing church relationships and build new connections with church members pursuing social justice. As a part of this campaign, we also look forward to hear suggestions from church representatives about additional volunteer opportunities that they would like to see offered at the Mission.

    If you would like to volunteer with members of your church or group, please contact either (617) 338-9000 ext. 1230 or volunteer@brm.org. We would love to see you!

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