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    Extreme Hike is Latest Fundraiser for Homeless Advocate

    About every two years, Scott Bosley embarks on a grand challenge. In 2007, he cycled from Boston to Kennebunkport and back the same day. Two more cycling trips followed on odd years. In 2013, he braved hurricane force winds to complete the Presidential Traverse in one day.

    In June, Scott completed his most ambitious trek yet. The Pemi Loop in New Hampshire, rated by Backpacker Magazine as the second hardest day hike in the lower 48, features 32 miles with a 9,000 foot incline over craggy peaks. Here are a few of his notes:

    I was encouraged when I saw in my devotional reading on Thursday morning the key heading for the day “Get thee up into the high mountain” from Isaiah 40:9. On Friday, we got up around 2 AM and after a big breakfast and preparation we were hiking at the Lincoln Woods trailhead in the dark with our lights by 4:10 AM.

    The overnight slight mist was mostly subsiding and we were in store for what was to be an amazing day of hiking with temperatures in the 60s and a slight breeze on the summits. We crossed 10 named peaks which included Flume, Liberty, Little Haystack, Lincoln, Lafayette, Garfield, South Twin, West Bond, Bond, and finally Bondcliff before descending over 9 miles back to the car for almost 32 miles total and over 18,000 feet of up and down elevation change. It was 8:29 PM by the time we popped back out of the woods into the parking lot for what totaled a 16 hour and 19 minute “walk in the woods”.

    Here are three very short video segments from Lafayette, Garfield and Bondcliff. It really doesn’t quite capture the true essence and joy of the experience, but it will give you a little bit of a feel for what we were seeing. It truly was an incredible day on all levels and again my thanks go out to everyone for all the support.

    Mayor Menino: Mayor, Public Servant and Friend of the Mission

    Mission President John Samaan presents Mayor Menino with an apron signed by Mission residents and guests.

    Boston’s beloved and longest serving mayor, Thomas M. Menino, lost his battle to cancer and passed away on October 30th, 2014. Mayor Menino was devoted to combating homelessness in the city of Boston and was a dear friend to the Mission. Each year he was in office, Mayor Menino and his wife Angela uplifted the spirits of homeless and recovering addicts by serving warm Thanksgiving meals and sharing a message of hope.

    Mayor Menino’s commitment to supporting homeless men and women did not stop there. Each year he would hit the streets of Boston in the dead of winter to help with the annual homeless count. He also was a part of the new “Bringing Boston Home,” initiative that addresses some of the root causes of homelessness, including providing permanent housing, temporary shelter,and other critical services to those in need. The Boston Rescue Mission would like to thank Thomas Menino for his dedication to homelessness and honor him for all his years of friendship and service.

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