• Preventing Homelessness by All Means Possible

    Outpatient Counseling Center Kingston House
    The Mission's Outpatient Counseling Center seeks to provide quality outpatient care to individuals struggling with substance abuse and substance dependence. Women and men have access to a professional, caring staff and will receive treatment in a safe, sober, and therapeutic environment. The center will provide clinical and support services to individuals to help address the wide variety of issues arising from substance abuse and substance dependence, including:

    • Individual and family counseling
    • Case management to address vocational, financial, medical, mental health, educational, rehabilitative, and housing needs
    • Referral to other services dependent on level of care needed (i.e. inpatient treatment, vocational training)
    • Patient education related to sobriety, medical and mental health
    • Patient education related to transmission of infectious diseases (i.e. TB, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs)
    • Patient education related to smoking cessation
    • Aftercare and transition planning

    Rebuilding Homes Program
    In 2010, the Mission launched the Rebuilding Homes program, designed to prevent homelessness by reaching out into greater Boston communities to help with home rebuilding projects for low income, elderly, and disabled residents. Mission program members join with community volunteers to provide 100% of the labor for home improvement projects which commonly include: installing ramps and rails, assistive fixtures, assistive devices, removal/demolition of unsafe structures, fixing walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows, cleaning, painting, and other general tasks. Materials and tools are provided from recipients, or the Mission.

    In the inaugural project of the Rebuilding Homes program, Mission clients and volunteers helped to rebuild rooms in a multi-unit temporary housing structure serving low income residents in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to team leader Jay Bonetti, rooms were in danger of being condemned and residents evicted due to lack of funding for routine maintenance. After cleaning, repairing and repainting several rooms, residents were able to continue renting their tenancy with a renewed emphasis on cleanliness and routine upkeep. Another project involves repair and restoration of portions of a single family home with an elderly woman. Several more projects have been submitted in response to postings on community bulletin boards and will be addressed in coming weeks.

    But it's not only members of the community outside the Mission who we seek to help. Our hope is that, in addition to hands-on job training, the Rebuilding Homes program will offer opportunities for our program members to strengthen ties with community members during their residential recovery at the Mission. As every success builds upon itself in Mission programs, reaching out and helping strangers with basic needs provides healing experiences and builds bridges between program members and healthy homes.

    If Rebuilding Homes in our community interests you and you would like to know more about the program or how you can get involved contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@brm.org or 617-338-9000 x 1230.

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