• A Passion for People

    Volunteer serves up meals and laughs to Mission guests

    Ralph brings a smile to every shift

    Ralph’s greatest passion in life is people. He gets along with everyone in the community and enjoys sharing stories and jokes with those around him. This love of conversation started a career for him in customer service and led him to volunteer at the Boston Rescue Mission.

    For more than 22 years Ralph worked at a Marriott hotel in downtown Boston. Both in shipping/receiving and as a laundry manager, Ralph rescued gently used linens and other items phased out by the hotel and arranged for them to be donated to women and men in need at the Mission. While this practice is becoming more common today, Ralph was one of the first of our partners to help a major hotel implement this environmentally sound and community-minded approach.

    A personal connection followed, and Ralph began volunteering his time to help in the Mission's kitchen. He brought cooking skills gleaned from regular events with the Knights of Columbus. Two years later Ralph still donates his time and talents to the Mission and cooks up a storm while people around him keel over with laughter.

    But for those interested in volunteering at the Mission, Ralph has some sobering advice. Remember that recovery is serious business. Making connections with program members is great, and so are healthy boundaries. Keep your involvement with the organization first, and always follow recommended guidelines for approaching program members.

    We couldn't agree more.

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