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I Drowned My Pain with Substances


Hi, I’m Mary, I stayed at the Mission twice when I struggled with drug and substance abuse. Growing up, I came from a large family with 8 kids. Life was quite normal until I reached the age of 10. During that year, one of my brothers was killed by a hit-and-run. I was devastated by his death. I didn’t understand why he had to die. When I asked others, they told me he was punished by God. Even though I grew up in a Catholic school with a punishing God, it was still hard to believe that my brother was gone from us forever.

His death haunted me for years. When I was 15, I started drinking and using drugs. I continued to use substances until I was 30. These substances distracted me from thinking about my brother’s death, but they also made me ill. I lost my job and my house as a result. With nowhere to go, I came to the Mission.

The Mission’s program allowed me to stay overnight when I wasn’t ready to get clean and sober yet. It felt safe to be here. They provided me with a place to sleep and meals to eat. I eventually got treatment, as I’ve truly had enough of the drug and drinking life. Today, I have 7 years of sobriety and 14 years away from marijuana.

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