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If I Shine, We All Shine


Hi I’m Marvin. God has truly blessed me at the Mission. Spiritually, I’m lifted, and looking for my next home.

When I was little, mom and dad both drank a lot. At 6 I went to live with my father and got the belt or the switch when I didn’t do well at school. I skipped school, drank beer, smoked weed and hung out at the beach a lot. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, trying to prove I was tough. After that, I got into some things that I now regret, and went to jail.

Inside jail, I realized that I hadn’t traveled much outside of my hometown in Virginia. At 28 I got out and started traveling and meeting new people and hearing lots of stories. My sister mentioned all the jobs in Massachusetts, so I went north. I felt so much more welcomed than in the south! A lot of doors opened up for me, but I still got in trouble. I was drinking off and on, hiding booze and nips, leaving and getting sloshed before I got back. My family knew I’d lost enthusiasm to do anything except drink and watch TV. Also, I had gout, arthritis, blood pressure, and ulcers. My health started deteriorating and my family performed an intervention.

Now it’s my first time in recovery, and I’m doing well at the Mission. Family and friends have helped me a lot. If I shine, they shine, and we all shine. When I’m successful, I like to think I’m a good investment. Everyone has ups and downs in life, but don’t stop giving. Your hopes and dreams will continue to live, with even just one person succeeding in their recovery.

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