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I’m More than An Addict


Hi, I’m Kenneth. I grew up in a family with 14 children, an alcoholic father, and a hardworking mother. My mother supported us, while all my father did was drink. As I got older, peer pressure stopped me from going to school. Instead, I started drinking and smoking at 15. My mother was upset, but I was too young and hooked on marijuana.

I remember there was a time when my mother wanted me to help her because she was sick. I tried to help her while resisting the temptation to get high. It made me realize that it was time to stop because it was affecting how I treated my mother.

I told my clinician to find a case worker who could help me in my recovery. She recommended the Mission as a safe homeless shelter where I could get support. I followed the program here and felt much better than before. I learned that there’s more to me than being an addict. I’m a humble person, a father, a salesman, a great listener, and a great motivator.

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