Evie (right) pauses to capture a moment with mother Beth (left) and Food Service Manager Dennis at the Day of Thanks.

A Student of People

As a student of developmental psychology, Evie studies people in the classroom. She began volunteering at the Mission as a class assignment, then realized that she loved learning about people outside the classroom too.

As a lifelong small-town resident, she’s stretched her own perspective listening to those from people living on the Boston streets. Hearing the stories and backgrounds of Mission guests feeds her emotionally, even as she’s feeding them literally. As a volunteer, she becomes a kind of cheerleader, wishing the best for everyone. In fact, when she hears about people leaving under stressful circumstances, it can be heartbreaking. But with every sad story there are many success stories, and hearing all of them becomes easier.

Evie, like many young adults, takes cues from her mother Beth where community work is concerned. As a principal in the Vermont education system, Beth has helped many people in the education field and in the communities around her. So when Evie invited her mom to help serve at the Mission’s Day of Thanks, the two of them made a great team serving complete Thanksgiving meals to people who might otherwise go without.

For others who want to start volunteering, Evie suggests simply picking a place and trying it. People will feel what touches them and feels most rewarding. There are many stories out there, especially for a student of people!