A Guiding Light

Full Circle students find extracurricular guidance at the Mission

David is a 19 year teacher at Full Circle and Next Wave schools in Somerville. For the past 10 years, he and his colleague Tommy have taken students from school to volunteer in the kitchens of agencies like the Boston Rescue Mission. Every Friday evening during school, he brings students to the Mission to serve and interact with those in need.


As the hardest worker in each group, David sets the example for young people looking to serve Mission residents and guests. His groups always arrive ready to work hard and assist Mission staff with whatever they need.

David recognizes the importance of exposing students now to the kinds of challenges faced by people who are homeless, hungry, and in recovery from substance abuse. Those students who may be at greater risk have a chance to witness the effects of poor decisions made by others early in their lives. After reviewing their feedback, it is clear that many students are moved by their experience at the Mission.