My Longest Sobriety in 30 Years

Hi I’m Jim. Getting healthy is a huge priority for a diabetic like me. The Mission helps me give myself healthy choices. But my addiction almost killed me.

In my teens, my parents divorced. It was easy to hang around with older kids and absorb bad influences. At school I would drink during lunch breaks and waste the rest of the day. After barely graduating, I worked at a beverage distributor, and was always “sampling” products. But that wasn’t all—I used cocaine, LSD, pills, in addition to the booze and marijuana. Drinking led to the point where I couldn’t hold down any food. After six trips to the ER and at least one coma, I thought I would sober up for good. But during rehab after the coma I lost my apartment, and moved into a rooming house where they partied all the time. After 3 years, I became homeless again. I really needed to manage my diabetes, but had to get sober first. Overcoming my denial of alcoholism and substance abuse was the hardest part.

The Boston Rescue Mission was the answer. I’m in my longest period of sobriety in 30 years. Health-wise, I’m improving physically and mentally, with therapy, a sponsor, and a lot of sober connections. The Mission shows me patience and helps me give myself a chance to heal. Here I see firsthand the needs of people who are homeless and the ways I can help. Because no matter how deep into trouble I am, twelve steps can get me out!


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