The Mission is a Gem, Here to Save Guys Like Me

Hi, I’m Joe. The Mission showed me that it’s ok to have my own issues; to see them, recognize them, address them, and stop beating myself up with negativity. There’s already been too much of that.


My home life was dangerous. With an alcoholic, drug addicted and chemically imbalanced parent, my sisters and brothers and I were yanked from our house at a very young age. Bouncing around different foster homes, with no siblings around me was a horrible torment—a sad, sad reality.


I developed alcoholism at an early age. The disease got me in trouble with the law, and divided my kids and me. I knew that I needed help.


The Mission is a hidden gem. The staff taught me patience, kindness, and tolerance by example. Not only that, I was moved seeing the kids in school who volunteered, giving their precious time to help people who are homeless and struggling with addictions. I take this program seriously. Now I have support, a nurse, correct medicines, and a caring case worker who helps me follow my program. They saved my life and my family’s life. I’m so grateful there’s people who care about us, and give people second chances.



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