Leaving a Godly Imprint

Jesus’s effect on my life fuels my passion for people--to care and to spread hope—at home, at my church, and at the Mission. If I have seen people that I can help. I want to at least try.

So I volunteer. After retiring from the bricklayer’s union, I found more time to serve others. I’m a foster parent at home. I lead groups of young adults and other church members to the Mission many Sundays, and volunteer here myself on Tuesdays. As a recovering heroin addict myself, I know what it is to suffer at my own hands, from my own bad decisions. Serving meals at the Mission keeps me sober, keeps me grounded, helps me interact with guys and try to leave a godly imprint on them.

I’ve learned that I cannot volunteer in search of rewards for myself. And I think it's hard for anyone to be really moved if compelled into volunteer service by someone else--a school or a court. The rewards of volunteering are real—they’re just not something I can find when I’m looking for it. They’re more like an outgrowth of the process—doing the work, connecting with recipients, and sharing the experience with others.