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Volunteers Spotlight with Men on a Mission

Every year, volunteers with a variety of skills come to the Mission to help homeless men and women. Many of them have stayed with us through the years. In today’s blog, we want to spotlight a group of faithful volunteers who have been with us since 2011. This group is called Men on a Mission. Men on a Mission is a group consisting of Dan McKee and a group of men from Connecticut. During their last visit, we were able to have a quick interview with them to learn more about their volunteer life at the Mission.

1. Can you tell us why you decided to start Men on a Mission?

We want to help those in need. Our mission to help those in need started 10 years ago when we built a home in South Dakota. We have been doing projects at least twice a year ever since. The bathrooms at the Mission were our next project, so we have been coming ever since.

2. How did you come up with the name Men on a Mission?

The original name was Mission Mafia, but even though we are not church-affiliated, a lot of members are and they didn’t agree with the name. In the end, we decided on Men on a Mission. We host a yearly concert or golf tournament fundraiser, so we can come to Boston to do projects.

3. What do you enjoy most about volunteering at the Mission?

The interaction with the staff, clients and, guests is awesome. There have been longtime friendships made, and Dan often comes to Boston to help former clients in need.

4. What inspires you to volunteer with us?

Even though most of us are from Connecticut, Dan is from Boston and has strong ties here, so he wants to do what he can to help the homeless here in Boston. The Mission is also always in need of people with skills, so there is always something to help the Mission with.

The Mission greatly appreciates all the projects that Men on a Mission have taken on to help the homeless in Boston. When they volunteered this month, Men on a Mission participated in outreach, served in the kitchen, did some painting and electrical work, and worked on numerous other projects. Their consistent support has made the Mission a better place for the homeless. Thank you, Men on a Mission! We can’t wait for your next visit again!

If you’re interested in volunteering and creating an impact like Men on a Mission, head over to and fill out the google form to start making a difference in homeless lives.

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