A Faithful Servant is He


BG Hodges has taught a few lessons in his day.

After 25 years of teaching at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire, BG will retire after this school year. For most of those years, BG has recruited students, members of the faith community, the occasional parent or teacher, and even his own kids for a road trip to the Boston Rescue Mission on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Each year, he leads by example, guiding his crews through much of the logistics work to prepare for the event:

On Friday evening, they arrive and plan the weekend's work.

On Saturday, they spend hours peeling and cooking hundreds of pounds of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and squash. They help prepare stuffing and turkeys, green beans and cranberry, and of course, pies.

When they've conquered meal fixings, they head off to a deep clean of the bottom three floors--the kitchen/dining area where complete Thanksgiving dinners are served, the ground floor where turkeys with all the trimmings are distributed to hungry families to eat in their homes, and the second floor where guests assemble to hear brief remarks before the feast.

After cleaning comes the setup of the PA system and lots of chairs, assembling dozens and sometimes hundreds of food baskets at the station where they're distributed, and adorning the dining room with festive Thanksgiving decorations.

Then they stop and have breakfast. Just kidding! If any leftover time remains, they find time for a trip into Boston for an adventure and return for a quiet evening on an empty Mission floor.

On Sunday, the group retrieves dozens and sometimes hundreds of turkeys and readies them for distribution. They perform a last check of each floor to tie up any loose ends. After the event, the group may do several cleanup and setup tasks, including re-assembling beds to be used in the overnight shelter programs.

Through it all, BG's groups experience a wider world of people living in inner city Boston, and gain a few more tools on how to bring healing to people who are hungry, homeless, and struggling. And what better way to teach those around you than with direct experience?

Thank you BG, for all of your service to your community and to ours!