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Sharing a Message of Hope!

Hi, I’m Jenelle. A mentor recommended the Mission for recovery and knew I’d be a perfect fit. My confidence and self-esteem has grown, and I’m in touch with God again. I want to share a message of hope to others, especially after what I’ve been through.

After my 2nd child, postpartum depression hit me hard. I took pills home, then refilled and forged the prescription to fuel my new habit. Still I kept crying and feeling guilty about being sad. I tested methadone but then withdrew and found a second addiction. After pills devoured my house fund and my retirement savings, I got caught using family credit cards. A very tough judge shipped me to jail again, for longer this time.

But transformation began “inside”. After enrolling at the Mission, the structured residential program grounded me. In this community, if I fall into bad behaviors, people call me on them. In group meetings, I can cry like a baby. And I’ve celebrated 2 years of sobriety so far. That’s a message of hope I want to share to all who need help. Thank you!

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