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Every Time We Feel the Spirit


The Mission offers spiritual development opportunities for program members through Bible studies, church fellowship, mentoring, outreach, prayer meetings, and other scheduled events.


Participation in these events is not a requirement to receive services at the Boston Rescue Mission. Our spiritual development programs are for anyone seeking a stronger connection to their faith.

Bible Study 
A team of staff members, volunteers, and church leaders conduct regularly scheduled Bible studies at the Mission. These studies are designed to meet the needs of guests of the Mission as well as others who work in the downtown Boston area. If you're interested in leading a Bible study at the Mission, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Our vision is to provide a healing community where lives are transformed through Christ's love, grace, and compassion. To help create such a community, we provide our clients with the opportunity to have a spiritual mentor. A volunteer is paired with a client to meet on a regular basis to encourage spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God. A brief training will be provided to interested individuals.

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