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Church Partners

The core of the Boston Rescue Missions programs and service to the Greater Boston community is rooted in the principles of Christianity. Our mission statement is a reflection of our practices "A healing community where lives are transformed through Christ's love, grace, and compassion".

The Boston Rescue Mission is not related to a specific denomination and focuses on the basic Christian principle of serving those in need. This basic principle is shared by many churches in the Boston area reflected by the fact that over one hundred churches supported the Mission is some manner in the past year.

Church Partners

There are numerous opportunities for churches to partner with the Boston Rescue Mission. Many churches support the Mission with periodic financial contributions; organizing food drives, serving in the kitchen, food pantry, and building improvement projects. Other church groups come to the Mission and host Bible studies, prayer meetings and participate in spiritual mentoring opportunities with program members.

We're so grateful to many of these churches who have partnered with us for a long time:

Corporate Partners
Coporate Partners

Many companies look for ways to make a charitable impact in the community. Deciding on the charity and the method of impact can be challenging. A major component of our success is our relationships with other community members who support the Mission in a variety of ways. We ask that you consider the Boston Rescue Mission as a corporate community partner.

The following are six ways in which Companies can partner with the Mission:

Volunteering: Individual and group opportunities

Program Support: Donate to a specific program

Marketing and Sponsorship: Help to spread the name of the Mission

Renovation and Expansion: Consider long-term capital goals

The Job Referral Network:  Give a qualified worker another chance

Material Support:  Help us fulfill specific material needs

We're so grateful to so many companies for offering assistance every year. Some of our most dedicated supporters include:

For information on volunteering with your company contact Mauricia at 617-338-9000 x 1230 or email

Non-Profit Organizations

When two or more great organizations join together to do good, the impact can surpass the individual efforts of each. Perhaps your organization has the location and we have the skills? Maybe we have the need and you have the right people. Our collaborations can increase efficiency and look more attractive to our supporters. Please contact Devinchy Fontilus at 617-338-9000 ext. 1209 or to share your ideas with us.

Lovin Spoonfuls.PNG
School Partnerships
School Partners

From elementary schools to universities, there are always ways for departments, classes, and students to reach out to those in need. The options are endless, but many school groups and students like to:

  • Collect items on our wish list

  • Organize a donation drive or fundraiser (5K run, sell chicken wings during an away game, singing for dollars, etc.)

  • Come and serve meals to hungry families in our kitchen or on the Boston Common

  • Plan an alternative spring break doing special projects for Mission facilities

  • Spend a semester as an intern

Here are just a few of the schools providing consistent support over the course of many years:

Many schools have had relationships with us over several years, and continue their support long after students have left. Contact Mauricia at 617-338-9000 ext.1230 or at to discuss how members of your school can help transform lives.


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