Bequests and Legacy Gifts

Your bequests can leave a lasting legacy, secure tax advantages for your family, and help us to prevent and end homelessness for years to come. Consult your financial advisor, estate planner, or attorney for more information on planned giving options that work best for you. Popular options include:

Many of us include organizations and agencies outside of family and friends in our estate plans. Benefits abound: first and foremost, the understanding that your work of caring for homeless women and men continues well into the future. Second, your estate will benefit by having a write-off to charity through the bequest. Please consider including the Boston Rescue Mission as a beneficiary in your will.

Life Insurance Beneficiary
As you consider life insurance policies, please consider designating the Boston Rescue Mission as a beneficiary or a contingent beneficiary as a way to make a sizeable future gift. The estate takes a tax deduction at the time of the gift. Making a gift of the policy is another option that offers additional tax advantages. Placing a life insurance policy into a trust is yet another option.


Retirement Plans

Donate a portion of your IRA, 401(K), or other retirement plan to the Mission. In some instances, you can receive a tax deduction and avoid a further tax burden on the gift. Donating a portion of your retirement fund can also lower or eliminate estate taxes.

Charitable Trusts

Donate the assets of an irrevocable trust, receive a tax deduction, and receive income annually for life. A variation of a remainder trust can even help with making a gift of real estate.

The Mission, like other agencies, acts as the recipient of legacy gifts and avoids providing specific investing advice. For more in-depth information about these and other legacy giving options, a helpful page at   can provide more information.