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Meal Programs

People who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless rarely have the means with which to purchase and prepare nutritious meals. Our community meals and food pantry programs serve hungry families and make it easier for them to use whatever resources they have to pay for housing.

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Food Pantry


Our food pantry is managed by volunteers who help provide nutritious staples like rice, beans, pasta, meats, vegetables, cereals, and other packaged foods to our hungry neighbors. In many situations, this food can provide just enough to keep a household fed while people seek longer-term reliable solutions. 


In-House Meal Program

The Boston Rescue Mission serves nutritious meals daily. These include breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily to our homeless guests.

Saturday Morning Outreach


On Saturday mornings the Boston Rescue Mission is managed by volunteers that organize an outreach group. They head to Boston Common to provide meals to people who are hungry. No matter what the weather is like outside, the team brings food, coffee, water, and fellowship. The goal of Saturday Morning Outreach is to establish relationships with people who are hungry and dealing with homelessness. 

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