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Don't forget to view kind comments from the US President and Vice President on our Centennial Celebration page.

"The Boston Rescue Mission provides dedicated service to women and men experiencing homelessness, poverty or addiction. Their work saves lives and strengthens the fabric of communities throughout the Commonwealth."

- Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

"Since 1899, the Boston Rescue Mission has provided life-giving services to men and women struggling with homelessness and addiction in Greater Boston. Every day, people come to the Mission for nutritious meals, safe beds, counseling, and services to rebuild broken lives. When a person struggling has a chance to break through hard luck, reunite with family, gain important job skills, and become self-sufficient, our community becomes stronger. I applaud the Mission and its supporters for their commitment to strengthening our city."

- Former Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh

"The record of the Boston Rescue Mission is taking people who've been in trouble and helping them to come back whether it's through Detox or just giving them the skills to be able to go out and apply for a job. Giving them a sense of confidence in their person so that they can pull their lives together. There are wonderful stories here, some of the most dramatic and moving stories that you can confront; and that's what builds community."

- Former Secretary of State and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry

"The Boston Rescue Mission is doing wonderful, wonderful work, not just in trying to respond to the needs of homelessness, but in trying to solve the issue of homelessness...I'm just so full with what you do in seeing the good in people and calling it out."

-Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

"I am pleased to recognize the Boston Rescue Mission and its work with homeless persons in Greater Boston. The Mission has successfully reached out to the least fortunate people in our community for more than one hundred years. The mission is committed to providing not only their clients' basic needs such as food and shelter, but also more intensive services such as structured transitional shelter, counseling and guidance, job skills training and referral services. This holistic approach to meeting the needs of those they serve is effective and commendable. Boston is fortunate to have such a dedicated and compassionate organization serving those in our community with the greatest need."

- Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

"I would like to commend the Boston Rescue Mission for helping homeless and poverty-stricken people pursue their dreams of a better life for over 100 years. An important aspect of a community is this commitment to reach out and help the less fortunate members of that community. Your programs that strive to empower people to become productive, independent members of society show that, with assistance, love and compassion, people can achieve great things. By providing vital services like health care, post-detox, education and job creation and training, the Boston Rescue Mission helps citizens gain self-reliance and pride. Thank you for being a great example of the tradition of the service and generosity in our Commonwealth and our nation. Your faith and devotion inspire us all, and I wish you one hundred more years of success."

- Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

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