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The Mission Brought Light into My Life

Hi, I’m Larry, it’s my second time at the Mission. I thought no one would remember me after so many years, but the Mission staff welcomed me back. They remembered me for who I am and gave me a place to stay when I needed it the most. Initially, I moved out of the Mission when I got married to a woman who lived in a nearby shelter. We were married for many years and eventually got housing in a luxury apartment. We related to each other a lot since we were both homeless. I thought days would continue like this, but one day my wife committed suicide in our apartment. After that traumatic experience, I could not bring myself to live in that apartment anymore.

Without an apartment, I once again became homeless. Remembering how much the Mission cared for me before, I asked if I could return, and they took me back. The staff would always make sure I was taken care of mentally and physically. They gave me a job working in their kitchen, so I would have some money to pay rent. And with their help, I was able to create a resume and have an address to apply for a second job. I can’t even imagine what would have happened to me if I was left alone and hungry. They restored meaning in my life when I was overwhelmed with emptiness. When I get my own place, I won’t stop coming to the Mission to make things better for people like me.

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