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I Know the Mission is a Great Place

Hi, I’m Richard. A friend recommended the Mission to me during his stay here. I’m thankful for the opportunity to stay focused and sober, and get the job training that leads to better work.

Growing up I guess I was focused on work too. After high school I went to college to study business management, but I preferred working in electronics. I became an assembler, then an electronics repair technician for a decade or so until the company closed down. Here and there I found work, doing temp jobs moving furniture, landscaping, and finally more electronics work.

Trouble came when our residence went into foreclosure. The house needed so many repairs, and my brother’s and my income couldn’t keep up with its needs. I had to stay with this friend and that acquaintance for quite awhile until I found the Boston Rescue Mission. At the time I could still function reasonably, but was drinking enough alcohol that I knew the Mission could lead me in a better direction.

For four months I lived at the Kingston House and did laundry for the emergency shelter program. With this experience, I found employment doing laundry at another agency across town. Now I’m working full time with benefits and still have outpatient counseling here. Still, I keep preparing myself—in case other opportunities become available, I want to be ready.

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