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Heavenly Vistas

On the past 5 odd-numbered years, Scott Bosley has challenged himself physically in hopes of bringing new funds and awareness to programs that support Mission residents and guests. Each trip has brought great challenge and great reward to himself and others alike. From bike rides traversing greater Boston to the Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire, Scott has applied a disciplined approach each trip to meeting a great physical goal and a great fundraising goal. And this year he brought back stunning photos!

Here are a few notes from Scott's journey this year:

Pushing back the hike from Friday to Saturday allowed us to avoid most of the rain.  Early Saturday morning I was able to briefly say good morning to a moose so it was a great way to start the day. Unfortunately I was not able to get her picture. Meanwhile over in Gorham where our hike would soon start, it was pouring rain. After waiting a little bit the rain lessened some, but we had to start as it was already 6 AM.  As a result of the prior day's rain there were sections of mud and some puddles to navigate which slowed our pace down a little bit, but being NH there was also plenty of rock along the way as well. It turned out to be good comfortable hiking temperatures and things were clearing as the day went on.  By the afternoon, although the mud and puddles still existed in sections, it was a beautiful day.

This hike covered Mt. Moriah, North, Middle, South Carter peaks, Mt. Hight, Carter Dome and Wildcat A-E peaks for about 20 miles and almost 8400 feet of elevation gain.  It was every bit as demanding and maybe a little bit more than a Presidential Traverse.  Due to the trail conditions it ended up being about a 13 hour trek on the clock although the moving time came in at just about 10 hours. It didn't feel like we had 3 hours worth of stops so I wonder if STRAVA short-changed some steep sections.  Here is a STRAVA link for those who like numbers and metrics.

We're so grateful to Scott for putting together this challenge to himself and others, which looks to raise nearly $4,000 for those in need. If you would like to support Scott's journey yourself, feel free to visit his donate page and leave him a note of congrats!

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