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transforming lives by empowering people at risk to achieve healthy and self-sufficient lives.

Meet Marvin

If I shine, we all shine


Marvin grew up in an environment where he was influenced negatively at a young age. Before he realized, he was hanging out with the wrong people and making poor decisions. As he got older, he traveled more but still encountered a variety of health problems due to substances.

However, his life began to shine when he decided to recover through the Mission's help.


To learn more about Marvin's first recovery, click here


Written by Boston Rescue Mission Director, John Samaan. The book relates the parables of Jesus to modern day times. 

If you would like us to send you a paper copy of the book, please send a request to info@brm.org with your name and the address to which you would like the book sent. We ask that you include $5.00 to cover shipping and handling charges for each requested book.

For a link to a free electronic copy of the book in PDF form, please fill out this form.

The Children in Haiti Needs Your Help!

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More than 10 years ago, Haiti was struck by one of their worst earthquakes disrupting and killing the lives of many. Following the earthquake in 2010, Hurricane Matthew devastated the country even more in the midst of its recovery. Now in 2021, a destructive earthquake followed by a strong hurricane have brought hundreds and thousands of lives and buildings to ruins. Many schools, homes and places of worship, have collapsed during this tragedy which greatly interfered with the learning of Haiti children.

Click here to learn more about the situation at Haiti and what you can do to help! 

This Fall the Boston Rescue Mission will transition to acknowledging donations using email only.