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I Became Jobless Then Homeless


Hi, I’m Aldo. I grew up in a normal and happy family. My siblings and I would play soccer all the time. I never had any major concerns. Later in life, I went on to work at a law firm. This job was my main source of income. It paid for my rent, food, and expenses.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, they laid me off. They told me they didn’t need me anymore. Without a job, I had to file for bankruptcy since I could not afford the rent. It was way too much for me. I didn’t know where to go until I found the Mission.

The Mission became a place where I could get help, get meals, and get back on my feet. The staff here talks to me regularly to ensure that I’m doing fine. I’ve been here for 5–6 months now. Although it’s still difficult for me to get a job due to my age, I am staying hopeful for the future. I believe everything will fall into place once I get a job.

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