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The Mission is a Great House of Healing


Hey, I’m Derek. I’m thankful to be in this safe house that helped to give me my life back. I can walk with my head up, work, and be a better person in society. But I could have been dead.

Actually, I was dead. The first time I overdosed on heroin, I died and was brought back to life by a friend. But after a life of childhood neglect and running the streets, drinking and drugs became my lifestyle. I kept using, and only one month later, I overdosed again. After a harrowing hospital event and a stint in rehab, I overdosed a third time. Finally, I got scared, and found the Mission.

I knew the Mission was a great house. There’s a structure here that I never had, and I really need it. The staff here is unbelievable. It gave me hope—hope that I don’t have to do heroin and die. After graduating, I’m looking forward to getting more training, and a plumber’s license. Until then, I’m staying sober one day at a time.

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