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My Faith Gave Me Comfort in Recovery


Hi I’m Jake. At the Mission I feel a sense of unity and a sense of community. It’s such a welcome improvement from the never-ending spiral of life on the streets.

When I was young, my parents divorced. I got the chance to visit my dad in London for 2 years, but my best friend’s family died in a plane crash when I was there. Back in the US, school was sometimes difficult. I excelled in cross country and track events, but had a knee injury in college that began my opiate use. I followed the nightclub life playing in bands for a few years, then got more heavily into opiates in my mid 20s.

After picking up heroin, I started to lose control. I couldn’t hang onto jobs or relationships and I eventually became homeless. To pay for the drug habit, I would steal a bunch of stuff until I got caught and went to jail. For 20 years I followed a tragic pattern of drug use, prison, and failed attempts to get clean.

I had seen the Boston Rescue Mission many years earlier, and knew a staff member there. He said to go to detox, keep in touch, and stay in recovery for a few weeks. Do that, and the Mission will have a spot for you. It was like a contract, and both of us honored each side of it.

I’ve been really happy with the decision that I made. Twice a week I attend one-on-one counseling. Every night I attend 12 step meetings. I enjoy the prayer groups when that schedule lines up with mine. A lot of older guys like me in the house are very encouraging. Here I feel comfortable reconnecting with my faith. My job outside the Mission is opening a lot of doors for me professionally. I help other homeless people get clothes, and that makes me feel like I’m giving back.

And to those who are supporting programs at the Mission, your assistance goes to good use. Thank you. A lot of people really appreciate your help.

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