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I Lost My Home of 20 Years


Hi, I’m John. When I was 20, my parents separated, and my life went downhill. I couldn’t pick a side because they were both my parents. I ended up staying with my grandma. During this time of my life, I became an alcoholic. Depression, emotions, and anger enveloped me with my parents' split. I continued to drink for years until I saw my friends pass away from alcohol. I knew about 15 of them, but only three are left. I haven’t drunk for 10 years since then.

But my life worsened when I lost my home of 20 years. My landlord was offered money to sell his land. He rejected the offer and told me I could stay. However, when he was offered more money, he decided to sell the area. And I was left without a home. I couldn’t sleep, find housing, or eat at all. Knowing the Mission was a safe place, I came back for help. The environment and people make me feel clean and stable. The case managers here are helping me look for housing as well. Thank you all for your good work and effort toward helping people like me. I’m grateful for this place. It is one of the better shelters out there.

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