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Now I Can Start to Love Myself


Hi, I’m Carla. Ever since my parents left me at age 12, I felt like I was on my own. A family took me in and did their best to help, but I still had to depend on myself. I ended up wandering around alone, struggling through high school, and dropping out before graduating.

Soon I was drinking to fit in with the scene around me. But the big trouble started after a bad car accident. The more painkillers I took, the more I needed them, and that vicious cycle led me to addiction. For two years I took prescription pills, got pregnant, and had a son that needed detox after birth. More pills and more partying led me to heroin, which took over my life completely for two years. I couldn’t even change my son’s diaper unless I was high. I couldn’t do anything.

After my son was taken away, I knew it was time to detox. When the Boston Rescue Mission accepted me, I felt like a door had been opened to God. Before, I looked for love, peace, and safety in drugs and men. Through this house and God’s guidance, now I can start to love myself and find peace in my life everyday. I’m studying for my GED and hope to go to college someday. My kids are back in my life. I’m still not perfect, but I’m thankful for all of the people who support me here—my spiritual mentor, case manager, and all of the other women who are growing and healing together with me.

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