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The Community Here Gives Me a Strong Leg to Stand On


Hi, I’m David. When I had no idea where to go, the Mission gave me comfort and solace in a time of uncertainty. Since I’ve been here, my faith has grown and strengthened, and every day I carry a little less burden. I’m moving toward a simpler way and away from the stress of my previous lifestyle.

As my family grew to 12 people, dining room chairs turned to benches and my dad had to keep adding larger table tops to keep up! At 15 I wanted to stay out later than my parents’ rules, so I moved into an apartment with others. I finished high school working at a tire store and painted houses after that. Years of industrial and commercial painting experience turned into my own New England based business with jobs all over the country. It was a good living, but also very stressful.

A drink or two on the weekends had always seemed reasonable, until once the weekend lasted 7 days. Alcoholism took over and I stayed home drinking for the better part of 6 years, and the business slowly slipped away. Friends and family tried to help, but the lure of alcohol was too strong. The mortgage went unpaid, and the bank auctioned off the condo while I was still in it.

Finally my ex-wife arrived from Florida with a firefighter and convinced me to get some help. First I visited the hospital, then a detox center, to a program, to a holding place, and finally to the Mission. I met every scale and scope of person here, with lots of stories and backgrounds. It’s both humbling and comforting to be talking and listening among like-minded people, give someone a sandwich and some encouragement, and feel a small sense of accomplishment. Even in jail I wasn’t reading the bible at all, but here I join bible study, prayer groups, and feel like I’m growing and strengthening my faith. The sense of community here has given me a leg to stand on, and I like the direction my life is heading. And your help goes a long way, so thank you!

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