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Putting the Disease to Rest


Hi, I’m Eddie. I’m at the Mission because I want my life back. I’ve given up far too much to be using drugs again.

In my home life growing up, I had some fears, doubts and insecurities. We didn’t have all the stuff that the other kids had, but I desperately wanted to be accepted. Luckily I was a great athlete, so that helped. I found marijuana in high school and everybody drank on the weekends. But soon I drank on a daily basis, and progressed to the cusp of being criminal. People I connected with definitely weren’t advancing me forward. You could say I was misinformed by the misinformed.

My addiction and lifestyle choices did lead me to jail. And you know what? It gave me a boost. I read, connected with God, got two certificates and became a licensed sprinkler fitter, all while in prison. After my release, I got some big positions, made a lot of money, forgot the suffering, and had some slips. Then I got hit by a car. My leg shattered and I stayed in the hospital for ten months. It took many pins, 2 years of pain pills, and a lot of rehab to regain any mobility at all.

Extra stress, pain, and vulnerable feelings led me back to alcohol. At this point I still wasn’t fully aware that I was an alcoholic, or even had an addictive personality. Still, the days revolved around drinking. I was dealing with injuries, addiction, and issues from way back, and Eddie got in the way. While working a good job, and in a decent relationship, would you believe an argument about liquor got me in trouble? I woke up with a police officer over me, which then cascaded. First I lost my job, then the relationship, then was locked up again. Finally, after sleeping in the park for too many nights, I lost my condo and decided to seek help.

At some point someone like me gets tired of the losses. Peace is my long term goal. I know it will happen in God’s time, not mine. So I’m staying sober, going to work, saving money, and doing things for people that were done for me along the way. To all of the supporters of the Mission, thank you for the gifts and opportunities that make life easier for me while I’m here.

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