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I'm Never Turning Back to Drugs


Hi, I’m Jay. I grew up in a lower-upper-class family with attentive parents. Even though I was an only child, I lived next door to my uncle. His four older kids were like my siblings. I had an excellent home life without any worries. And later in life, I started my own family with two beautiful daughters.

I was also working as a DJ at that time, but I often suffered from terrible back pain. One of the dancers at the club where I worked suggested that I try heroin to relieve the pain. I took their advice, and before I knew it, I had become addicted to it. Heroin did relieve my pain, but it cost me my marriage and family.

I felt very sick and tired of everything. When my friend saw me, he told me I needed to get myself together. I joined rehab and slowly moved away from heroin. The Mission allowed me to stay sober when I worked on my recovery. They gave me opportunities I can’t get elsewhere, like health care, a job, and housing. I’ve been sober for six years thanks to their help. Currently, I’m repairing my relationship with my daughters. I want to be a better father for them.

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