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The Mission Gave Me the Chance to Get My Life Back


Hi, I’m Long. My childhood was tough. Because my father was American and mother was Vietnamese, I couldn’t go to school in Vietnam without fighting with other kids. There was a lot of hatred there for people of mixed race, so I stayed home a lot. In America, I got through 11th grade, then thought more about money and friends than school. I sold drugs, smoked weed and crack, bought a car and lots of jewelry, and didn’t think about much else. Then came the felony charge and jail time.

Inside jail, I stopped using drugs and learned about the construction trade. When I got out, I went to work with my family until I got money on my mind again. Working construction and getting high was not a good life for me. A vicious cycle of selling and using drugs, going to jail, and relapsing continued.

When my mom passed away, I sunk way down. I sold all my equipment and just couldn’t go back to work. It was a very dark place for about two years, until I decided I needed to be clean.

The Boston Rescue Mission gave me a chance to get my life back. Two years ago I was too angry to talk to anyone. Now my attitude is changing--I’m sober and working the program, going to meetings 4 days a week, and taking one day at a time. I respect everyone in the house and do whatever the house asks me to do. I’m ready to make some money the right way and build a good life moving forward.

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