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With the Disease Comes the Devil


Hi, I’m RoseMarie. After a few years of using drugs, I needed to have an awakening, and I did at the Boston Rescue Mission. It breaks my heart to see the folks coming to the Mission who are hungry, but I like helping them. That could be me out there.

After I got married and had two kids, I realized that something didn’t fit right in our home. Whatever it was led me to oxycontin and addiction. And the collateral damage that comes with drug use is phenomenal. I stole a lot of money from my family to support my habit. I had a restraining order placed against me, and violating it I went to jail. With the disease comes the devil; the way you think, the way you act, the way you perceive things. It’s crazy.

But the Mission is not like other programs. I had been to another program before, they have staff that just brush you off. At the Mission, if you need prayer or an uplifting moment, you can go to people anytime. Today I can look at myself in the mirror and like myself. I can pray, and put my faith and trust into something that’s greater than myself. I can put everything into God’s hands.

And I thank the Mission supporters, because not all people who are homeless and in recovery are losers. Many of us come from good places, we just need some help getting back there.

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