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I Felt Worthless, Now I'm Worthy of Love.


My name is Avery. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned at the Boston Rescue Mission. I never thought the relationship with my son could be so positive. It feels so good to laugh when I’m sober. And expressing my feelings and standing up for myself is easier than ever.

Growing up, it was different. My parents were addicts and left us daughters at a McDonalds one day. I lived in seven foster homes, was abused for eight years, and left high school early. After having a son and daughter, I started using crack cocaine with the father. My place became a crack house, and I used for two and a half years. Then one day, I got high right before my son came home from school. When he looked at me, I remembered how I looked at my mom when she shot up. That’s when I knew there was more to live for than a few hits.

Here at the Mission, my faith is coming back. Before I felt worthless, but now I feel very worthy. I feel hope now, and I want to be able to share that hope with others in the community. Thank you!

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