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COVID-19 Got Me for 20 Days


Hi, I’m Jaime. For 20 days I went to the hospital and a quarantine facility with COVID-19. Thankfully, I’m feeling better and giving others at the Mission hope that they can get through this virus too.

My first major symptom of the virus was one I have never before experienced – a complete loss of smell and taste. My tongue was very dry and food had no flavor at first. Later, I tried eating and the food tasted and smelled horrible! I lost all interest in eating for 9 days. On top of that came coughing, chills, fever, this strange tingling around my eyes, and intense stomach distress. At one point I received an injection that brought back my taste and cleared up my other symptoms in just 2 days. The staff asked me lots of questions to understand my reactions.

After the hospital stay, I felt much better. The medical personnel quarantined me for 10 more days in another facility to make sure I didn’t relapse and didn’t infect others. They monitored my blood pressure and temperature, and asked me to drink water, walk around, and take vitamin C. They also asked me to wear a face mask all of the time and keep taking precautions until the whole pandemic settles down, just to reduce the chance of re-infection.

When I returned to the Mission, all of the program people were so happy to see me! They knew that I had tested positive, gotten great treatment, and looked and felt better afterward. They knew that if God forbid they got sick too, they could get the same great treatment that I did. I’m grateful to the Mission for their part in watching out for me and other guests during this crisis.

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