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I’ve Been Through 38 Years of Instability


Hi, I’m Jerry. My parents divorced when I was 8, so I spent a lot of time in foster homes. I’ve been to 30 foster homes. During that time, I was sexually assaulted by the people who should be caring for me. It demoralized me and made me have self-hatred. I blamed God for a lot of it but later realized it was not God’s fault.
I’ve gone through so much that alcohol was the only thing to give me comfort for 30 years. Stability has been an issue since I was young. I often experienced warning signs when I didn’t drink. My roommates and I got into a conflict which got me kicked out of the house. Even as a carpenter with 7 trades, I continue to sabotage myself.

It is nobody’s fault where I am. It’s my fault where I am at. I’m very grateful to have a shelter at the Mission. Everything I need is here. The staff are supportive and are helping me regain stability to return to society again.

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