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I Felt Most at Home at the Mission


Hi, I’m Joel. I come from a broken home. My parents didn’t get along. There were many court battles between my parents for custody of me. My mother won the battle, and I ended up staying with her. Not having a father affected me negatively.

When I was 3, my mother gave me a sip of her alcohol. I drank the whole glass and passed out. Alcohol along with marijuana has been a part of my life since early on. I grew out of alcohol at 35 but pot is still with me. It’s hard to give up when it’s everywhere.

When I came back to Boston, I slept outside in a camp area. I was sleeping outside for 7-10 nights. There were wild animals like raccoons and coyotes. High rent here made it impossible for me to get a place, so I had no choice. However, after talking to a staff member at the Mission, we decided it’s not safe to sleep on the streets. I went through a screening process after meeting John, and they welcomed me in. They provided me with breakfast, dinner, showers, and care. It is very reassuring to know you have a place to rest at night. People are willing to help. I am grateful to have found the Mission.

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