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The Mission Restored Me Financially and Emotionally

Hi, I'm Alfonso, it has been 11 years since I’ve been sober. I am now back on my feet and ready for a new life in Tennessee in the next month. This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible 2 years ago if I hadn’t arrived at the Mission. Before coming to the Mission, I had a family with a son and a wife. Despite having coupons, it was still very difficult to raise a family, so I turned to fast money by selling drugs. And at some point, I started to use them more than I was selling them. Everyone turned their backs on me. My wife took my son and left me alone. I thought drugs would fill the emptiness in me, but they made it worse. I decided to remove myself from drugs as I witnessed what happened to the people around me.

After moving away from drugs, I moved around to different states and worked in different jobs. When the pandemic hit in 2019, my life spiraled further down when I lost my job. I needed to get my life back together, so I researched places that could help me recover and found the Mission. In order to get into the Mission’s program, I gave up on the last drug I was using, weed. The Mission took me in and I was able to focus on saving for the life I wanted.

Since coming here, my credit score has improved, I’ve gained a few pounds, and I’ve made some pretty decent friends who are working together with me to transform their own lives. After saving up for the last few years, I’m ready to rekindle my relationship with my son and welcome my new granddaughter. I look forward to being a better dad to him. Even if I leave, I won’t forget the mentality I gained from Boston. I will keep going for my family.

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