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The Mission Saved Me from Living on the Streets

Hi, I’m Jaime. At the Mission, I found happiness, friends, a job, and so much more. Now my life is better because I have been doing the right things, staying out of drugs, and behaving well.

Before I arrived at the Mission, my mom and dad raised me, and it was a fun childhood. As I grew older, I dropped out of school due to a learning disability. Then I became a superintendent for a building for a while. However, rent was getting too high. I also had a disability problem with my lower back that required surgery. The future seemed uncertain, so I came to Boston. I thought maybe there could be a job waiting for me and a better future.

When I arrived in Boston, I lived with elderly members of my family. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay there for long since they lived in retirement homes, so I had to move to a shelter. Before I arrived at the Mission, I lived in another shelter for a week, and they told me that I can only stay for 6 days. In order to go back, I would have to go to another place for 4 days. As a result, I moved to another place, and a worker there told me about the Mission.

I decided to visit the Mission and met the case manager there, Bob. Bob told me to stay as long as I needed. I lived on the 1st floor for 7 months then I graduated and moved up to the 4th floor through the life growth program. The Mission gave me a job to work in their kitchen and with laundry. They saved me, so I didn’t have to live on the streets. I found friends here and positive people.

I am able to do better now. I am careful with my back and keep myself in good health while I apply for housing. I will still continue to help out at the Mission after getting housing. God bless those who help us. Make others smile and make them feel welcome like what you did for me.

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