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I Was a Prisoner of Drugs

Hi, I’m Tommy, I’ve been battling many years of addiction since I was in my 20s. At 25, I had a lot of avenues on how to make money. I would buy, sell, hustle cars, plow, and do a variety of odd jobs. These jobs earned me a good deal of money to spend on drugs. Even though I was successful, I often got bored with my regular life and found myself in and out of jail. Things started to worsen when I got a blood infection from addiction, I was stuck in the hospital, and everything caught up with me. I was homeless without a job and without a family.

Around Christmas time, the Mission gave me a roof over my head. The staff would make sure I was comfortable. Doctors would visit and ask what they could do. A case manager called Rick would give me spiritual support. They were all trying to help me put my health in order. The Mission has helped me a lot in my recovery. Sometimes people burn all their bridges and don’t have anybody. That was me until the Mission appeared in my life. Now, I have things to look forward to in life. I’m no longer bound by drugs. I not only have a chance to get my own place but also a chance to live a healthier life.

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