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Shelter Staff

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Part Time

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Senior Case Manager

About us

 Since 1899, the Boston Rescue Mission (BRM) has focused on  preventing and ending homelessness and in guiding people from a place of need to a place of  self-sufficiency. Located in the heart of downtown Boston, BRM serves women and men who  are homeless and at risk of homelessness 365 days a year. People in crisis, including veterans,  come to the Mission to receive hearty meals, safe shelter beds, and life-transforming services.  Our shelter programs focus on treating the underlying causes of homelessness with  individualized case management, employment, and services to guide people toward permanent  housing. Our approach establishes a caring and accountable recovery environment along with job skills  and related training designed to promote healthy, independent living. We are committed to  helping people break their personal cycle of homelessness and over time have seen remarkable  results.

Primary Responsibilities

Direct care and primary service delivery to the guests in the shelter  including admissions, triage, bed assignments, meal coordination, hygiene assessments, and  transportation coordination in the event of reached capacity. Work as a team member to provide  shelter, meals and transportation to the homeless population in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Shift set-up and preparation responsibilities including checking resources, rosters, bed  sheets, cot set-up, towels, gloves, universal precaution supplies, meal/ pastry case  stocked. 

  •  Facilitate admission of guests, documenting name, date of birth, social security number  whenever possible. 

  • Complete safety checks through each floor of the building with flashlight to provide  oversight and care to any needs guests may have through the night.  

  • Greet, direct and refer guests from the points of engagement at the time of admission or  at a point of interaction.  

  • Including random searches of guest’s belongings and garments for contraband, as well as,  redirecting disputes, conflict resolution and maintaining a safe and secure environment  for all staff and guests.  

  • Assist guests with personal hygiene needs on an as needed basis. 

  • Encourage optimal communication via verbal, written and voice mail forums with all  team members and the Vice President of Programs. 

  • Employ the least restrictive means of intervention in all shelter interventions with guests  in order to provide a clear and welcoming environment for the guests we serve. 

  • Utilize available case management staff to assist with case management needs of guests  on an as needed basis.


Training will be provided.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation commensurate with experience.

How to Apply

Email a resume to Mike Way: 

Please put in the subject line: Shelter Staff

Boston Rescue Mission is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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