Preventing Homelessness

The most effective way to end homelessness in our society is by preventing it from happening in the first place. Many factors can lead to homelessness, such as substance use and dependence, mental illness, and unemployment. We address these issues with several programs designed to address these issues directly.


Outpatient Counseling Center 

The Mission's Outpatient Counseling Center seeks to provide quality outpatient care to individuals struggling with substance abuse and substance dependence. The center provides clinical and support services to individuals to help address the wide variety of issues arising from substance abuse and substance dependence, including:

  • Individual and family counseling

  • Case management to address vocational, financial, medical, mental health, educational, rehabilitative, and housing needs

  • Referral to other services dependent on level of care needed (i.e. inpatient treatment, vocational training)

  • Patient education related to sobriety, medical and mental health

  • Patient education related to transmission of infectious diseases (i.e. TB, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs)

  • Patient education related to smoking cessation

  • Aftercare and transition planning

Sober Living and Life Growth Shelter Communities


Boston Rescue Mission’s Sober Living and Life Growth Shelter Communities provide professional and peer support in a safe sober environment. The Downtown Crossing location offers access to public transportation and to diverse employment opportunities.  Members receive structure and support through in-house recovery groups, one on one counseling, prayer and animal therapy sessions and resources to secure inpatient treatment and permanent housing.


Food Pantry
Our food pantry provides nutritious staples like rice, beans, pasta, meats, vegetables, cereals and other packaged foods to our hungry neighbors. Every other Wednesday morning, recipients come to the Mission and receive food to supplement their regular pantry items at home. In many situations this food can provide just enough to keep a household fed while people seek longer-term reliable solutions. 

Job Readiness
We provide job training opportunities to Sober Living and Life Growth shelter community members as preparation to join or rejoin the workforce. We teach, develop, and reinforce the work skills, coping abilities, positive attitudes and self-confidence necessary to successfully apply for a job, accept an offer, and maintain employment. The Mission collaborates with several vocational programs in the area to prepare our clients for employment that is realistically attainable. We maintain a Job Referral Network where local companies partner with the Mission to provide employment opportunities.