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Safe Haven: A New Chance for Homeless Vets

The Safe Haven program is a 11-room short-term transitional housing program for veterans with current substance abuse and mental health issues located in Dorchester, MA. The Safe Haven program targets chronically homeless veterans who have had difficulty with traditional housing programs.

The program utilizes three evidence-based practices for care: Motivational interviewing, critical time intervention, and stages of change. Safe Haven provides a low-demand and non-intrusive environment to its guests. The guidelines to the program are minimal and the focus is on the safety of the individual. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a safe and healthy transition for veterans into permanent housing.

In addition to housing, three healthy meals per day, snacks, counsel, spiritual guidance, and referral services are provided at the request of the client. Staff members strive to provide an environment that is conducive for the veteran to find hope, opportunity, and strength for a life transformation.

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