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Connecticut Mission Group

Food for the Soul

Connecticut Mission Group

Dan admits it. He loves coming into Boston.

The western Connecticut native lives and attends church in the Berkshire foothills, but relishes the chance to visit the city where he went to college. One year he brought a youth group up to serve a meal in the kitchen, and realized there were opportunities for carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, and other skilled jobs. He has brought volunteer crews to do all of these things to spruce up the Mission for its residents and guests.

But serving meals is what they comes back to do most. “Every time we come up we run into people we’ve seen before” says Dan. “Like B.B. , who came in for a meal one time and was so polite to the kids that I sat down with him and became friends. Every time we come, he comes out to help us”.

And he brings new folks each trip. “People learn pretty quickly that you actually get more back than the labor that you spent” says Jack, a veteran participant of these Mission trips. “By being able to see and feel that you helped somebody…it’s food for the soul.”

Another Dan reflected “The people who we helped—and I had tears in my eyes watching them—that was their food for the day. Helping is a very satisfying thing and I feel really good about being a part of it.”

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