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COVID-19 Update #1: Navigating a Public Health Crisis

Amidst the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, I wanted to take a moment to update you on the Boston Rescue Mission's continuing efforts to serve our most vulnerable homeless and hungry neighbors. First and foremost, our doors are open and all of our staff continue to serve. We are working daily with officials with the Boston Public Health Commission, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and Boston Health Care for the Homeless to maximize the health and safety of our guests and staff. 

  • We're implementing protective measures like extra cleaning, temperature-taking, and mandatory hand washing. 

  • We're teaching best practices during a pandemic, like safer ways to cough and sneeze, social distancing, and which symptoms to watch for.

  • We are suspending all shifts from outside volunteers until further notice. This follows city, state, and national guidelines to limit people who are crowded together and protects both our guests and members of the outside community. 

  • We are restricting food deliveries from individuals, offices, and small groups. Many of our trusted partners and new organizations continue to offer food donations even as events disrupt their own businesses.

  • We are making emergency plans in the event that community infections increase.

Though the Mission is no stranger to public health issues, we expect a pandemic on this scale to fully stretch our resources thin. We must continue to provide food, shelter, and guidance to homeless and hungry women and men. Your prayers for protection and guidance for guests and staff members are most appreciated. And please won't you consider a gift to help us? This precarious situation brings many unknowns, including funding resources. We need your help. Will you give to help our guests navigate this public health crisis today?  Blessings, Rev. John Samaan President and CEO

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