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Hope Scope: Positivity and Persistence with Eddie

Welcome back to Hope Scope! We’re so glad you are joining us again this week on our blog to catch up on all that happening at the Mission.

If you ever come by our community meal program in the morning, you will smell an amazing breakfast wafting through the air. You might even have a chance to have a friendly, uplifting chat with the chef, Eddie, as you are getting the food. But, we know that not everyone is able to come and meet Eddie in person, so we decided to interview him so you can get to know him. Keep reading on to find out more about our amazing staff member!

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself, who you are, your background, what you do, your journey to how you came here, anything you want to share.

Well, I used to use alcohol and drugs. Then, I came to the program here and I’m several years clean now. I had a rough start in life, but the Mission got me back on track. It’s an awesome place, it’s really there to help people. I felt so comfortable here, I decided to become an employee here. I did so well, they hired me. It’s an awesome place, I have nothing bad to say about this place at all. It’s really there for the homeless, the people that want recovery, people that want a change in life, this is really the place to make that change.

2. What’s your favorite part about the Mission?

My favorite part is helping the homeless, I feed them and get their day started. I like everything about the Mission, they have a positive outlook on everything. They have a prayer group at 10:00, I like joining that. They’re really there for people that are stuck in life to help you move forward in life. They help people get out of that rut, try to get you towards a positive direction. Everything is positive about this place. I enjoy working here, I love being a part of it. A total part of it.

3. What motivates or inspires you to help people?

Because I was in that situation and knowing that there are positive ways leading to a positive direction. I like to show my gratitude by showing it forward and helping people. I like doing the same things that the people who helped me did. I like helping people that need help, people that want the help, people that are grateful for the help. I enjoy doing that.

4. Bonus question for our readers: I heard that you make unbelievably delicious breakfasts. Can you share what the secret to making a good breakfast is? The secret ingredient?

You got a lot of shelters that just throw anything up there. I don’t like doing that. I don’t like feeding the guests, the residents, something that I wouldn’t eat. That’s why I put out such a positive energy in the morning, a positive breakfast, something that everybody would eat. I make a variety, I put my heart and care into it because that’s what I would want. And, I was in that situation. When they hired me, I took a totally different route on how to feed them. I spoke with the higher up and they were like do what you want to do. So, I took over and that’s what I do, I give guests an awesome breakfast.

5. Do you have any advice for people who are looking to get involved or volunteer or maybe want to participate at the Mission, but they don’t really know where to start?

That’s a tough one, you got to want to give back in life. Some of us, we get to certain places in life and we forget about people that need our help, you know what I mean. I love giving back. I’m not there anymore, but I want to show my gratitude for what this place has done for me. And, working here also shows me I don’t want to go back to that. So, it keeps me grounded. And in my situation, it works both ways. I’m giving back, but I’m also reminded of not going back to that.

6. I hear you mentioning gratitude frequently. Why is gratitude so important to you?

Everyday is a blessing for me that I ain’t making steps backward. I’m thankful that I’m taking steps forward. As an employee here, it keeps me grounded to keep moving ahead in my life. I’m just so grateful for everything that this place has done for me. So, I give back, I go beyond what I’m supposed to do for the residents here because I’m so blessed for the stuff that I have in life. I want to give that back to the people here, to show them that life is not that bad, that life could be a lot worse. If I get 50 residents in one day and can help one person become positive, that’s already something accomplished.

7. Do you have any final words you would like to share with our readers?

Honestly, the only thing I can say to that is never give up. Life is not as bad as certain people make it. Never give up, keep fighting, keep striving to move forward. This place is there to help you, but you got to want to help yourself too.

Also, this place is a blessing.

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